Reasons Why Every University Society Needs Personalised Hoodies

Embarking on a university career holds much anticipation and possibility for a student. Among these experiences may be the opportunity to join and participate in any number of societies and clubs that are offered as part of extracurricular life for the student population. Greek societies, honors clubs, fine arts troupes, athletic teams, and other such specialised societies welcome incoming students and rely on these newcomers for future vitality. To identify their status among the university’s other groups, many societies will allow members to purchase and wear personalised hoodies. This unique apparel shows one’s membership to that group and advertises the group to other students.

Indeed, such a hoodie may be emblazoned with the group’s unique insignia and colors. Fraternities and sororities, for example, often allow their much-revered Greek letters and colors to be embroidered on such apparel, with the understanding that only members of these elite societies shall wear these articles of clothing. Because these societies rely on secretive initiations and a select membership, it may be considered a high offense to the organization were a non-member to wear the Greek organization’s insignia. Such a hoodie, then, would properly identify a member and show that alignment with the fraternity or sorority.

Like Greek societies, honors societies may also commission their own personalised hoodies. Such apparel may include the organization’s letters or insignia, as well as any slogans or pictures that hold meaning for that particular society. Newly initiated members may receive such apparel as a gift after being initiated. Club sponsors may also wear this clothing to show their status as a supervisor or guide to the group.

Sports teams at universities also offer team hoodies to members and fans alike. These articles of clothing may feature the university’s mascot, as well as unique team colors and special slogans that a team may have adopted. Team members can wear these hoodies on campus while attending classes, or around the town to show their membership to the team. Indeed, an athlete’s hoodie may well include his or her last name as well as jersey number that he or she wears for the team’s roster. Fans may also sport these articles to show their affinity and support for the team. In fact, when a team plays at its home arena, it is not uncommon to witness many fans wearing the team’s hoodies and other sports apparel to the games in a massive show of support.

Parents and kin of university students may wish to display their pride for their university student by wearing such personalised clothing. In fact, many university stores now print make available such items for parents. Indeed, a mother might wear a hoodie bearing her child’s university mascot, as well as a special notation to her status as the student’s mother. Parents may take great delight in wearing these clothing pieces for such special days as Family Day or other special events at the university. Wearing such apparel may also help parents feel that they remain connected to the student.